Exploration, Curiosity and Saying YES to Life with Joann McPike, Founder of THINK Global School


Today Alex and Mimi are welcoming their inspiring friend and founder of THINK Global school -  Joann McPike.

Growing up in small town of New Zealand with an Italian mother, Joann dreamed about becoming an air hostess, to most kids of her generation, that was the only way to travel and see the world. While turning the pages of National Geography magazine she was imagining future experiences of living in other countries.

Joann wanted to study photography, however, her mom pushed her to study languages. She ended up studying English, Italian, French and linguistics at university. To practice the language, she convinced her mother to let her move to her grandparents in Italy. Booking a one way ticket, her curiosity lead her towards her dream life.

I wanted to explore, that has led me to where I am today, that curiosity and that desire to say yes to what other people would say no to. - Joann - [7:00]12:32

After 6 months spent in Sorrento, Joann moved to Rome where she was working as a babysitter. As a 21 years old, she got an opportunity to sell magazine subscriptions in Malta. While there, she was asked to play for a blackjack team, she naively trusted the people (cause why the hell not) and travelled to Malaga, Spain to play cards and learn some mischievous card counting strategies. Here she met her ex-husband Harry, and lived the casino life for 2 years.

Along the journey she fell into some worrying situations, narrowly escaping being killed, and also struggling depression, until she found the calm and quiet that she now calls grace.

“I was pushed up against a wall, the person had my passport and was strangling me, it was in that moment I knew how strong I was and where to get my strength from.” - Joann [15:30]

After journalling only at her worst moments, streaming only her anger and frustrations for several years, it was now clear for her, the importance of journaling the best moments in life instead. All the positivity, affirmations and goals, started to pour out of her onto the page and soon become reality.

“Consciousness is fascinating, you get to the route of why we do what we do. Why am I being triggered? Why am I frustrated? You can make real turning points when you get to the bottom of it and figure out why” - Joann -[31:39]

Joann and Harry shared the common love for travel. During travels with their son, she realized how travel can change perspectives and enhance his education. Her new goal would be to open the mindsets and give real value in development for teenagers. Inspired by her son, Joann founded ‘THINK Global’ school.

Here’s what else you will learn:

  • How fear is a part of every one

  • Joann’s most fascinating travel experience

  • The importance of different perspectives

  • Why self assessment a comparing to yourself matters more than numbers

  • The fact we are all perfect

  • The importance of question WHY

  • How fear and love are the base of our behavior

  • How comparison with others can be stopped through gratitude practice

  • The power of forgiveness and the real key to happiness

  • Taking responsibility for your mindset

  • Using adult coloring books to respark your childhood creativity

  • Having the courage to say YES to things, when others would say NO


The artist’s way – Julia Cameron

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