The Ikonns

We are dreamers and creators.

We are serial entrepreneurs specializing in lifestyle businesses.

What started as a $20,000 investment from a personal line of credit grew over the next 8 years to a premium beauty lifestyle company with 250,000+ customers in 165+ countries. Luxy Hair grew largely from social media and word of mouth including our YouTube channel which has 3.2+ million subscribers, half a billion views, and is one of the world’s largest hair related channels. Luxy Hair is ranked in the top 2% of the best places to work in Canada. In late 2018, we successfully exited from this business when it was acquired by Beauty Industry Group.

Our mission is to deliver value to the world and to build brands and products that people love.

Since exiting our first business, we excited to continue our mission of delivering value to the world. We are excited to put more of our love and energy into our company Intelligent Change which created the mindfulness journal movement and created products like the Five Minute Journal which has sold 500,000+ copies around the world and Productivity Planner with over 100,000+ sold.



We are also continuing to raise the bar in the hair industry with our new sustainable and naturally derived haircare brand - Love Hair. When Mimi couldn't find haircare products that met her high standards, we decided to create them. Love Hair proves that natural ingredients can be effective and that beautiful packaging can be sustainable. It no longer has to be a compromise.

As a human being, I know I am here to create solutions. I don’t like to dwell in the problems or challenges I’m facing. Every problem is an opportunity to create a solution - that has always been my life and business philosophy.
— Mimi Ikonn

It is up to us consumers to vote with our choices and with our purchases. We support clean beauty industry that is honest and transparent with its consumers. That's the vision we are living and continuously creating here at Love Hair - it's our dream that other beauty brands will join us in this movement.