Alex and Mimi play Husband and Wife Tag.


In this Episode Mimi and Alex revisit the golden vault again with this special audio version of a very popular video, originally published on YouTube.

They go head to head, 15 rounds in a game of relationship tag with quick fire questions, sharing each other’s best and worst. How much do this entrepreneur couple really know each other?

You’ll hear all the juice behind this relationship; From Mimi’s messy habits leaving hers socks everywhere, to Alex being stuck in his airpods and not listening properly. To romantic gestures and affectionate smooches, favourite traits and first opinions

Hear what they can’t live without... or what they wish they could live without - “that red lipstick”

“Stress Is The Biggest Killer - I Love MY Airpods” - Alex

What was the last argument they had, What was the last text message they sent to each other and WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THIS RELATIONSHIP?

Hear all this, with loving wisdom and so much more.

Designed to inspire you to live your own dream life.