Our Observations of Living in North America Vs. Europe


Fresh off the plane, in today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat about their observations, having just spent 3 weeks in North America. What are the main differences between North America Vs. Europe.

“Americans take ice cream soooo seriously, how do you even choose?” - Mimi Ikonn

The USA is the land of plenty, everything is BIGGER! There is more of EVERYTHING. From credit cards to what’s on your plate, either in a restaurant or baked at home in a tiny oven.

Alex chats about a friend who moved from London to California, just so his Billion Dollar dream could be recognised. Meanwhile, Mimi gets chatted up in the supermarket over what breakfast cereal does she like.

“The cities in Europe are designed in a way to get you walking, to move, to be active and mindful”

- Alex Ikonn

Having travelled to many places and lived on both sides of the Atlantic, Mimi and Alex have great insight into just how different the 2 cultures can be.  Here’s what they get into;

  • How people spend their money, which culture has the most consumer driven society?

  • Do you have a billionaire mindset or are you being conservative with your cash?

  • Where do Alex and Mimi get approached the most?

  • Who speaks the loudest, who is most respectful?

  • Public transport Vs owning a car.

  • Food portions, even a salad in the US is enough to feed an entire family.

  • What’s in your kitchen? We want some Patatas Bravas! Yum!

  • How to notice disruptive industries when you realise something is missing in a culture?

  • The empowerment of youth through social media.

We didn’t want this episode to be political, so please, don’t take offence if you live in one of these countries. We haven’t meant to choose a favourite here, since we love both - EQUALLY! These are just some generalised observations from spending a lot of time in both places.

“I like to find differences, it gives colour to life, as long as people live in peace and harmony” Mimi Ikonn

Actually, we know there’s something for everyone in both places, but it’s not until you explore the world that you really see for yourself where YOU fit in. We really encourage you to travel and see the world for yourself, maybe your expectations and realisations will be completely different to ours but you will only know if you go find out. Explore - with love and an open heart!

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