How To Create A Positive Mindset And Attitude In Life - Episode 02


Alex is one of the most positive people we know, it’s well known that POSITIVITY is the Ikonn way.


Surrounding yourself with positivity can have a huge dramatic impact on your life, whether that be in your mental health, in relationships, how others see you... to striking the business deal you always dreamed of.  


In this episode Mimi shines the spotlight on Alex to get to the root of why he’s so positive. We go deep and uncover 3 really important secrets that will put a smile on your face everyday.


  • Gratitude - We practice gratitude everyday. Writing down what we are thankful for gives us no end of positivity. We’ve all heard of singing in the shower, but how about trying out a shower of thankfulness?

  • Visualization - Because we journal everyday, we see exactly where we were before and we see exactly where we are going. The road map of our dreams. And this truly puts a smile on our faces.

  • Persistence - pushing through hard times and dealing with the odds that are stacked against you is like a building a muscle. And just like when you’ve had a workout, you feel really great once you’re done. The more you overcome life hardships, the more life doesn’t phase your emotional well being - leaving plenty of headspace for positivity


Here is some of the books that was mentioned in the show and have brought us great insights. Hope you get the chance to check these out.

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