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Today we have a very special episode – the tables have turned and now it’s time for us, Alex and Mimi, to go deep and unpack our life journey. Interviewed by Aaron Alexander from Align Podcast, we talk about entrepreneurial lifestyle, meaningful work, healthy relationships and life fulfilment. Tune in now and discover how we have been able to design our dream life.

In this completely honest and deep interview we share our wisdom of life and business discoveries. You will find out where we came from, what was the stand out factor for Luxy Hair business, and what is our seed of drive. Also, you will discover what struggle we experience in relationships, how we come out of depression and, what’s more important, how we live our life through the heart and what is our purpose.

Here are some insights from the interview:

Revenue vs. Value

Our goal was never the number, it is all about the impact and the value that we can bring. Bringing more value always ends in bringing more numbers, if you focus on the right things and do them consistently, and work hard. Of course, it is important to be in the right time in the right place, but as Mimi always says, luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

How to make people care about your products

First, you have to understand that nobody really cares about your product. When you have this realisation, you understand that you need to make people care. How? Well, you make people care by finding out what they are looking for, what are their needs. So, through the content you create you can actually demonstrate how your product is going to solve their problems or issues they are dealing with. 

The power of storytelling

The content is a really powerful form of storytelling to get people intrigued about your product and create relationships with your audience. The personal story of the brand and its philosophy is that helps you create a strong connection with your audience. Nowadays, we, as consumers, become more educated and we want to support brands that we truly care about, believe in, and feel related to. In other words, we want to deal with real humans. 

QVCA business strategy

Here are our principles in regards to building a brand and creating content that can lead to sales:

  1. Create quality content and make sure you have decent tools to create it, but don’t overthink it. Your quality cannot be too low, but it should not be too high either – find your niche and start somewhere in between.

  2. Quality feeds value. Ask yourself: Is your content delivering value? Is it entertaining, is it educational, is it helping people out in some way? The content you create is not about you, is not about your company or product, but about how you get people interested in what you are doing to get them intrigued and come to you.

  3. The next question you should ask yourself is: Are you being consistent? You need to understand that there is no magic pill or an overnight success. The most important thing to remember is that everybody who now has a million of followers or a million of dollars started from zero. Consistency is the way you are planting seeds for being able to get results. Another important part is consistency of your content. And by that we mean that you have to be consistent with creating a certain expertise – do not swing too much. 

  4. Authenticity is the most important and the most undervalued part. Ask yourself: Is the content you are producing authentic to what you are actually good at? If you really enjoy what you are doing, then people can actually sense the energy you are putting out there. It is like a body language that you cannot fake.

Great partnership

When you come together in a great partnership (it not necessarily has to be romantic), you are able to create more than you can on your own by yourself. You compliment each other. Differences between our energies and visions helped us become a powerful couple that combines drive, creativity and consistency.

The seed of drive

For Mimi, the drive comes from personal fulfilment of living her purpose. She believes that purpose comes from self-awareness. A lot of people look for purpose, but it actually comes from finding who you are. So, a lot of Mimi’s awareness of her purpose in life came from doing meditation.

Can money bring you fulfilment 

We believe you are given financial abundance or creative inspiration to do something with it. You have to understand what is the point of you making money, what is your purpose. And if your purpose only makes you 40 or 50 grand a year and you live a regular life, but you are so extremely happy, then do that. We think that it is more empowering than being miserable making millions and not actually feeling the fulfilment of what you do and what type of community you are surrounded by.

The most important things in life

We like Rad Dalio’s quote. For him, the most important things in life are 1) doing meaningful work and 2) having meaningful relationships. It is that simple. You do not have to be a millionaire, be a regular person. As long as you have a purpose, deliver value, have some meaningful work – you live a meaningful life. We all should redefine what meaningful life and success is. 

Here is what else we have talked about:

  • How delivering value brings you more numbers

  • Importance of creating an emotional connection with your audience

  • The role of content you create and platforms you use in growing your business

  • What happens after you reach the financial abundance you have dreamt about

  • Poor mentality and why so many people get broke

  • The process of getting out of a dark period of time

  • How The Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner were born

  • What are our ways to hack happiness and get out of depression

  • Alex’s recommendations and techniques on how to be  – and stay – more productive

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