Alex and Mimi AMA | Best Books, Brexit, Can We Unite as Humans?


Hello our beautiful friends! Today we are connecting with you through another exciting and powerful ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode, full with important messages and reminders. We take the recorded questions that you’ve submitted on our website and we go deep with our answers.  

We felt truly inspired by your questions, not to mention that we recorded our answers in Mykonos, Greece, enjoying the last bits of summer. This week we are answering 3 extremely special, deep and diverse questions.

Here’s what you guys asked:

  1. What are our top favorite books?

  2. How do we deal with jealousy? 

  3. What is our opinion on Brexit?

Our favourite books

We consume a lot of audiobooks on different genres – personal growth, inspiration, fiction, business books – and very time we get asked this question, it’s so difficult to choose one. But, today we are going to share with you a couple of our favourite books that can flip your world. 

Mimi’s favourites are:

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. Any time Mimi needs an inspiration, she goes back to this book. It’s one of the most popular books ever, and, for Mimi, this book is a pure magic, an epitome of inspiration and possibility of what life can be if you follow your own journey and listen to your heart.

Fear by a Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Mimi believes this book is incredibly impactful, because it covers the history and the foundation of fear, and it gives you a complete new understanding of the fear. This book is an absolute recommendation for everyone, because it explains how to overcome your fears and live your life to the fullest.

For Alex, the most impactful, game changing and all-time favourite books are:

The Linchpin by Seth Godin. This book totally flips your world and teaches you what you have to do as an individual to be indispensable and be able to build your life, your career, and your relationships. Alex thinks that by nature we are more timid, we are the ones that stay behind and don’t take action, and this amazing book teaches you how to see yourself as an indispensable and go after your dreams.

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s a very short, yet so impactful book. It transforms your understanding of what love and relationships mean. 


“All problems in the world come from us fearing each other instead of loving each other” – Mimi Ikonn

How we deal with jealousy

Mimi believes that jealous thoughts and behaviours are very negative in our life. Jealousy doesn’t allow us to focus on what we need to do, instead we compare ourselves to other people and get frustrated. 

When Mimi was meditating for 10 days, she understood that all people have their own struggles, and the outside material things we see don’t define who we are. As Mimi became aware of all suffer that is out there in this world, she understood that nobody’s life is perfect and there is nothing to be jealous of. 

“No-one is better or worse than you”, Mimi insists. The problem with jealousy is that subconsciously we think that someone is better than us. But, if we make a choice to think that, therefore we choose to feel jealous and be a victim. When we realize that somebody who has more than us is no better than us, we can understand then that there is nothing to be jealous of. 

“The moment you cultivate empathy for yourself, you no longer feel jealous of others” – Mimi Ikonn

Alex believes that the moment we compare ourselves to others and we start believing that someone is better than us, it robs us of the joy that we have inside. 

Alex was raised not knowing what feeling of jealousy is. Alex’s mother taught him to appreciate others and be inspired by their journey. That’s why Alex believes that we can choose the feeling of jealousy as the inspiration to learn from others and build our own journey. 

“Instead of being a victim comparing yourself to others, see other people as an inspiration. So, next time you feel jealous, see what can you be inspired by” – Alex Ikonn

Our opinion on Brexit

We went deep with this topic and discusses not only our vision of the current political situation in the United Kingdom, but also reflected on how we, as humans, are more powerful when we are united, and how this unity can be a solution for a wide spectrum of issues we face today.

To be honest, the current situation in the United Kingdom hasn’t affected us at all, simply because the way we operate our business is global and international. Speaking financially, it was even beneficial for us. However, the important thing to speak about is that we believe that all this situation of division and separation is not good. We want this world to unite.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the way for us moving forward as humanity is being united as people and working together” – Alex Ikonn

We see ourselves as global citizens and we can see how the whole world is going through a massive transition. We believe that we have to evolve and change in life. But, these changes in life don’t come easy, they come at a big price.

The important question to ask ourselves is how much are we willing to do and will we get that awareness to move on to the next stage of life seeing us united and strong together as humans.

“The reason we start fighting is because there is a divide of humanity. If we all were one, if we were one country or one religion, there would be nothing to fight for, because it would be all ours. So, let’s celebrate what we all have created” – Mimi Ikonn

Here is what else we have talked about:

  • Living your authentic life

  • Dealing with jealousy and resentful feeling on Social Media

  • The benefits of global trading

  • How can we unite as humans

  • How we see the future of the world and globalisation

  • The importance of thinking beyond our lifetime and building a better world for future generations

  • How love is able to change the world and save humanity

  • How can we help people unite with themselves

Books and movies we have mentioned in this episode:

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