Overcoming self-doubt with Celest Pereira - [The Ikonns, EP.7]


Today’s episode is a very special one, because Alex & Mimi are taking turns to share the mic, while interviewing their very good friend and favourite Yoga teacher - Celest Pereira.

Originally from Richards Bay in South Africa and immigrating to the UK 10+ years ago to study a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Celest is being labelled as one of the best Yoga teachers in London and is internationally recognised by big Activewear brands like lululemon.

Alex and Mimi investigate what makes this shy small town girl with packed out classes, so special.

“Celest is living proof of the concept of never judging a book by it’s cover, now I really know her, I can totally see how hard she must have worked to make this happen” - Mimi Ikonn

She applied for so many physiotherapy jobs on graduation but a bottleneck in the industry, with too little jobs and too many like minded graduates all scrambling for the same position, had he working 12 hour shifts at McDonalds. With only massage therapy positions available for her qualification, She was grateful for the odd substitute Yoga teaching job for a friends class.

After a month learning how to teach Yoga properly in India, she started gaining more interest in her own right and classes started to pick up in demand. But some people were not used to her own original take on the traditional dry boring Yoga class. Celest instead crafted her own fresh approach that has made for a much more enjoyable experience.

“The look on someone’s face when they get it, that smile, that connection. I love it, it’s like a drug”

- Celest Pereira

She explains how it used to really upset her to see people leaving the class if they didn’t get it and found it easy to get caught up in the fuss, somethings that really didn’t matter. She soon found a change in her mindset after a long time trying to copy what other Yogi’s did. “All that chanting, sanskrit and chakras just never resonated with me”, she says. So she gave up the the focused, dry, quiet room for her favourite playlist and a more friendly, lively, relatable approach.

It was time for Celest to drop the ego that surrounds many Yoga instructors.

She is keen share the importance of ‘making students feel like you ACTUALLY CARE’. Also how she picked up some quick simple teaching tips from a martial arts class, siting other learning materials for developing her confidence too. She had real fear and anxiety about standing and speaking in front of a crowd, but the Tony Robbins course UPW (Unleash The Power Within) and Paul Mckenna hypnosis course Instant Confidence helped her on her way!

You’ll also learn:

  1. How a quick mirror visualisation trick can bring goosebump revelations

  2. Why it’s important to be grateful for living in our time

  3. How big cities can seem like the loneliest places

  4. Why being desperate can fuel you

  5. How important it is to accept every opportunity

  6. Finding your own niche of people that give you energy

  7. That don’t just step into authenticity

  8. Take influences from outside of the usual

  9. How darker clubland self kick started her need to always improve

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