Answering Your Questions - [The Ikonns, EP.11]


Welcome back to The Ikonns, That’s right we dropped the word ‘Experience’ but this episode will only be dropping one thing - Deep and thoughtful answers to your deep and thoughtful questions.

Here’s what we get into:

  • How to overcome the dark period of the life and find positivity

  • Why the 5-minute journal should become the part of your life

  • The real meaning of failures

  • What does it mean to belong somewhere

  • How to make parents with difference values and culture to support

  • How to get your authentic voice and create authentic content

If you heard your voice on this today’s show - wooohooo! We appreciate you so much. Glad we had a chance to chat with you. If you’d like to have your question in our next Q&A’s please head over to and press the red recording button on the home page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

p.s. - here’s where you can find 5-minute journal by Intelligent Change

Designed to inspire you to live your own dream life.

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