Selling Billions in Real Estate with Daniel Daggers [The Ikonns, EP.10]


In today’s episode Alex & Mimi share the mic with London’s most exclusive real estate agent, Daniel Daggers. Who recently sold “The most expensive terrace house in UK” for a breathtaking 130 million US dollars.

Alex and Mimi talk to Daniel about his journey from childhood, having a dream to be a professional football (soccer) player, up to current days where he only works with clients wishing to buy luxury properties over £10 million pounds.

Daniel’s dream was to become a professional football player. Growing up in a council house, his parents gave him a secure environment and saved up, sending him to a private school in Maida Vale. This was where Daniel soaked up the multicultural environment he was surrounded by, giving him a foundation to get on with everyone. An important step in becoming a ‘people person’ he would have to become later in life.

Daniel started his carrier when he was 17, while studying GNVQ in business. His school required 2 weeks experience in properties. Unfortunately at the time, and due to a broken collar bone, he had to seek other opportunities outside of football, so he started to work in a real estate company.

He started to develop his knowledge, experience and assets everyday. After 11 years in the company he realised he was dominating and doing things no-one else was doing. In 2007 when the credit crunch hit, he realised the target market that he needed to be working with in order to survive the market crash. During this year he joined Knight Frank real estate, where he chose to focus on 4-10 million pound properties.  

He understands that business is much more than selling, and shares the importance to engage and create a bond with the customers through the right communication, emotions, trust and a personalised approach.

His success did not come automatically – he had to work hard and learn the ability to listen and observe. During his journey he took baby steps, built his confidence and created a business environment, where people want to do business with him.

“I love the journey more, than the result. Do everything to the best of your ability.”- Daniel Daggers

Daniel also shares the importance of social media in real estate. Via his Instagram account @daniel_daggers, he tries to engage young people showing both the ups and down in business.

You’ll also learn:

  • How your upbringing can influence your future assets

  • How to define your clients

  • What are the patterns of ultra successful people

  • The importance of social media in business

  • How to become a better more genuine sales person

  • How to incorporate storytelling when selling properties

  • Daniel’s top negotiation tricks

  • How your environment influences your business

  • How his clients value efficiency and time.

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