Reacting to Your Assumptions About Us - [The Ikonns, EP.9]


In this Episode Mimi and Alex revisit the golden vault with this special audio version of a very popular video, originally published on YouTube.

We had great feedback from you, a much loved episode by all, and since longer in-depth conversations are best suited to the podcast format - here it is, as requested, our Ikonn Couple Assumptions tag - In audio!

Alex and Mimi comment on all the regular assumptions that people have about their relationship together. Even an assumption about a new baby, that makes for a new discovery for at least one them. Super fun and exciting.

Here’s the assumptions and what you’ll hear;

  • Alex and Mimi don’t fight - The couple share how arguments can actually be a healthy thing in a relationship. They discuss the necessity to find a place on the same page as one another.

  • Alex does everything Mimi says - Mimi’s book Bingo Theory sheds some light on the importance of male / female dynamics and gender roles. Alex explains his respect for his own boundaries.

  • Having a Child has affected their relationship - A behind the scenes look at the hardest year in the couple’s relationship and the growth that came from it.

  • Mimi interrupts Alex a lot - Mimi’s battle to get a word in as Alex doesn’t stop talking.

  • Mimi is the boss - Alex’s way to present Mimi with options to decide upon, collaborative partners make the best partners.

  • They are still as in love as the day they met - They share how they are glad that they aren’t in the same place has when they met.

  • They are in their own little bubble - How living on bubble island has allowed them to expand without negative influence.

  • It must have been love at first sight - Being friends first created a healthy foundation for this relationship to blossom.

  • Mimi is a strict parent - bringing up a child with the same boundaries as you’d expect from anyone.

  • Divorce or separation thoughts - The importance of feeling like you’ve been heard and giving your partner the same opportunity.

  • Fighting in front of Alexa - The importance of pausing the conversation for a more appropriate moment.

  • You guys are perfect - Everyone has dirty laundry and uses the bathroom.

  • Mimi doesn’t snap at Alex - But does Alex snap at Mimi?

  • You’re only in it for the money - Is Mimi only into Alex for his money?

  • Alex wants a second child -  They maybe a SURPRISE in store!

  • Alex isn’t allowed to go to the pub with his mates - What else isn’t he allowed to do?

  • Alex is possessive over Mimi - Mimi’s lessons on trust and respect.

  • You are kombucha both lovers - who isn’t!

  • You fight over the bed sheets - Alex gets lost in a king size bed.

  • Mimi Planned Alex’s proposal - How a budget European trip just felt like the right moment.

  • You love your followers - “Hello, my friends”

  • You have a lot of sex - Toooo SPICY!

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